Beach and Shark Cupcakes!

Beach and Shark cupcakes for a two year old’s birthday? What could be better! I made these for my boyfriend’s nephew’s party and the birthday boy loved them! As well as the rest of the party goers 🙂

I was inspired by Martha Stewart for these cupcakes! The recipe I used was, Magnolia Bakery’s Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe ( – scroll to the bottom). The cupcakes were delicious but not exactly like Magnolia Bakery. However, the frosting resembled very closely to Magnolia’s! Mmmm! Oh and pardon my ugly frosting, I was going for “waves” but I failed terribly. I’ll use a frosting tip next time!


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    • Hi Alliana!

      Thanks for your interest! I used that cupcake/frosting recipe I linked and just rolled the frosted cupcake in some crushed graham crackers for the “sand”. And used teddy grahams, cocktail umbrellas, and candy roll “towel” for decorations. I used edible paper for the shark fin, but I do not recommend it since it flops down after 10 minutes and doesn’t stick straight up. So use construction paper! Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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